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Have you rented a peer to peer space, car, boat, or taken a tour? Share your story with us and we will post it on our blog. We are looking for stories with at minimum 500 words. Between 500 – 750 words is a great target to shoot for. Please include pictures they add 1,000 words.

If you are a blogger who wishes to promote yourself and your page we would be willing to link to your article on our page to your blog. Hopefully this will result in more traffic for the the both of us, while providing readers on our blog with useful content.

For businesses who wish to promote their peer to peer web page. We are looking for the same length of the article. We ask the you write the story from a travelers perspective, we want a story of someone using your service while traveling or on vacation. As before please include pictures.

Please contact us here for more details. Thanks, and we look forward to sharing your content!

*We reserve the right to edit the stories and/or refuse to post them.


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