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Q: What is Vuepeer?

  • A: Vuepeer is part peer to peer travel search engine, and a sharing economy news source with a focus on travel. We are trying to bring together an emerging travel industry that is becoming increasingly segmented.

Q: What kind of accommodations can I find on Vuepeer.com

  • A: Vuepeer gives you a wide selection of short term rental options. We offer a wide selection of vacation, car, boat, and experience rentals through our partners. Anything to make your travel experience all the better (and cheaper too).

Q: Is Vuepeer free?

  • A: Of Course – Vuepeer is 100% free to browse.

Q: Will I ever be able to list on Vuepeer and collect payments through Vuepeer?

  • A: No, right now we believe that we can provide the most value to our users by being a rate comparison service for these other marketplaces. We want to make sure we place a priority on the integrity of our search and comparison service. We are not looking to take market share away from any of the established marketplaces. Rather our goal is to grow the market as a whole by making it easier for our users to find everything they need to travel peer to peer.

Q: So The Shared Times is your blog, what type of content will you be focusing on?

  • A: We will write about anything sharing economy: How it can make you money, save you money, how it can enhance your next trip, how it is bettering communities etc. We also love the sharing economies impact on the travel industry so this will be a focus.

Q: Can I become a guest writer for your blog?

  • A: Yes, see our writers wanted section on our footer.

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We make it easy for you to travel peer to peer by helping you search listings from across multiple websites.

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