Airbnb Host Information – How Does Airbnb Rank Your Property ( An Airbnb SEO Follow Up)

Nick Winikoff| Posted on 2018-01-19 | ~4 min read

A little while ago I wrote about Airbnb SEO, it was based off information that has been circulating around the internet. Airbnb, has recently released some guidelines which validated and disproved some of the points I made. Anyway, this is a short summary of what it was written to Hosts from Airbnb.

There has been so much information on how Airbnb uses their algorithm to rank your property it is insane. Some claim to have fully figured out how the system works. But is that really true? Airbnb recently released an article called What factors determine how my listing appears in search results? they lightly go through some of the nearly 100 factors they claim to use in order to determine where to rank your property.

In this piece, I’m going to walk you through that article and help break everything down so you can get the most out of your property.

Airbnb’s Three Main Categories

Airbnb breaks each listing down into 3 basic categories. Remember these are not the only factors they are taken into account but it is safe to assume that they are all very important.

Guest needs: Which includes where they’re searching for, their previous trips, and what they’ve added to their wish list.

Listing details: Which breaks down into reviews, price, location, whether Instant Book is turned on, and hosting response rates.

Trip details: Which is determined by the number of guests traveling, the length of the trip, when the trip is set to happen, and the minimum/maximum prices.

Airbnb SEO

Understanding Searchers

Airbnb looks into how to how it’s users interact with your property in order to determine how high your listing will rank. They break it down into 2 different categories.

Clicks in search results: Airbnb takes it as a good sign if users are clicking on your listing. The more clicks you get the higher your property will rank. Airbnb gives credit only for the first click through to ensure fairness for the community.

Requests from a listing page: Airbnb also takes into account how often people actually book your property based on the number of clicks you get. The higher the ratio of bookings per clicks, the higher you rank in the search.

This category is of course nothing new, bloggers who have commented on Airbnb optimization have often considered click-through rates to be a high priority for the algorithm.

Understanding Listings

This category essentially breaks down your ability to be a good host. Obviously, Airbnb only wants to pair its users with great hosts to ensure a positive experience for everyone involved. If you are a bad host expect your listing to fall in the search.

Reviews: This, of course, was the worst kept secret out of all the factors. Everyone knows that in order to perform well on Airbnb’s search you need to have as many positive reviews as possible. In fact, Airbnb will notify you that you may be hidden from the search if your reviews fall short of the communities expectation.

Price: Is one of the most important parts of a users decision to book a place or not. To that end, you need to make sure that your property is competitively priced based on your location. Please note, that doesn’t mean you need to undercharge the value of your home, just make sure it is competitive.

Super Host: Airbnb designates some of its users as super hosts once they meet certain requirements listed on their How do I become a Superhost? page. Airbnb specifically says that being a super host does not give you a direct advantage over someone else, but the criteria you need to become a super host are definitely taken into account, which basically means that you should do whatever you can to become a super host.

New Listings: Airbnb wants their new hosts to start off successfully or get addicted to the service, whichever way you want to look at it Airbnb gives priority to new hosts for a little bit after they join to encourage them to stay on as hosts. (I myself got booked 6 times in the first 5 days of me posting my home.)

Airbnb SEO


For Airbnb like for the rest of the real-estate world, it is all about location, location, location. The algorithm is designed to show listings that users will actually want to book. Airbnb looks at all the bookings in a certain area to determine the best location to send its users. What that means is that even if your home is beautiful, if it is a little far from the main attraction of your area your listing might fall.

Visibility in Search

It is stated that this portion is not specifically part of performing well in the search, but they are some general rules that will help you get more bookings.

Activation Delay: This is only applicable to a new host, Airbnb says that there is between a 24-hour4 hour delay after you create your profile to when it will be displayed in the search. This is time to edit your listing to ensure the quality of your listing is up to your own standards.

Minimum and maximum nights: To show up in the results your property has to meet the requirements of the person doing the search. Because of that, Airbnb recommends keeping your properties minimum night stay low and the maximum night stay high in order to be listed in as many searches as possible.

Long Term Stay: There are people who use Airbnb to find a home for a longer period of time that a normal vacation. Airbnb recommends using a monthly discount on top of your base rate to help to attract those guests who are looking to stay somewhere long term.


Personal Opinions

I think Airbnb is absolutely awesome. I use it to help offset the rent of my home which I wouldn't necessarily have been able to afford otherwise. It has allowed me to me some really cool people and I have never had any kind of bad experience.


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