5 fantastic getaway destinations to escape winter blue

.| Posted on 2018-02-15 | ~3 min read

During those winter months, a lot of us are dreaming of crystal clear water and white sand beaches. Wouldn’t it be nice to ditch that winter coat for a bathing suit, right?

Don’t worry, we got your back! We selected 5 destinations for this winter that will make your colleagues jealous and your Instagram account look good.

1) Le Marin, Martinique

Forget about the white snow and head over to Martinique with white-sand beaches. With the Hurricane season over, clear and warm water await you at the south island. This place is also an excellent spot for snorkeling and scuba diving. Nighttime isn’t forgotten too, and the bustling marina Le Marin is packed with restaurants combining the finesse of French Cuisine and local Créole specialties.

Vacation Rentals Le Marin

Finally, if you get tired of the beaches, the north island’s rainforests and mountains are just a stone’s throw away.

2) Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Chase the 80s temperature in this haven for sun-worshippers. With its rich history, warm weather and warmer locals, Punta Cana should be on everyone's bucket list. Wallet-friendly all-inclusive resorts are numerous on the shoreline and a constant balmy breeze will make you comfortable on your deckchairs.

Vacation Rentals Punta Cana

If adventure is more of your thing, you can go horseback riding to see waterfalls, visit underground cenotes or go zip lining nearby.

And we don’t stop there.

Sometimes called the Coconut Coast, Punta Cana is cheaper than many other Caribbean destinations. Moreover, is it conveniently served by a new airport and fresh roadways that will make your trip easier.

3) The British Virgin Island

A classic winter getaway. Needless to say, the British Virgin Islands are the most popular destination in the Caribbean. And we easily understand why.

Vacation Rentals

Escape the cold and choose to explore dozens of islands as winter is one the best times to visit the BVI.

Do not forget to treat yourself with the Baths of Virgin Gorda. This spectacular place, now a national park, is filled with windy tunnels, boulder rocks and pools.

And if by any chance, you are a sailor, enjoy the short distances between the islands

4) Dubrovnik, Croatia

Aiming at Europe this time ! During the winter season, the temperature in Croatia is not as warm as the Caribbean islands, however, a light jacket will be more than enough to explore this Dubrovnik.

Vacation Rentals Dubrovnik

Packed with history, this charming pedestrian-only old town will know how seduce you. Get lost among the white limestone buildings and try to spot the famous filming location of the popular TV show, Game of Thrones.

Do you want to know the best part?

You can rent a boat for a cheaper price than usual, because of the low-season, and sail around Dubrovnik. This famous city is absolutely gorgeous from the sea and will stay in your memories for quite a long time.

5) Santorini, Greece

Santorini tends to be crowded in the summer however, you can skip the tourists and head to Greece during winter. Say hello to calmness and serenity in this white and blue paradise. Picturesque villages, beautiful wineries and multicoloured cliffs will make your jaw drop. This island is a supermodel among the greek islands.

Vacation Rentals Santorini

Immortalized by poets and painters, Santorini is also celebrated for its cuisine. Local chefs are combining local products from the volcanic soil and sea with modern gastronomy in a fantastic way.

As if that’s not enough, sunsets over this island are stunning.


Winter may be coming to an end soon, but it's not too late to get an amazing deal at one of these incredible location. Find your perfect vacation rental in our search.


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