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To help you travel peer to peer.

Vuepeer’s mission is to put you our users at the center of the largest and easiest to use vacation rental search on the face of the earth. We are continually working to put you in a better place to make an informed decision and find more value every time you use our service.

We are tirelessly working to invent tools and features to help fit your needs as a traveler, we strive to not only change the norms of traveling and booking online, but also inventing ways to make your experience simpler, and less stressful in ways that you haven’t even thought of. We want you to have access to the worlds largest and most personalize vacation search experience on the Internet.

To those ends we ask you for one thing. Be Curious. Look through the thousands of homes we offer in almost any city around the world. Strive to find something specific, rare, or different. Unlock the true potential of travel by immersing yourself in a new location and exposing yourself to new ideas, tastes, and adventures.

Vuepeer currently aggregates vacation rentals from 10 websites, filtering over 3,000,000 vacation homes around the world. Our search allows you to filter by location, number of guests, dates, and price. Date specific availability for rentals is continually updated for more accurate search results. Our places are from all over the world. From Thailand to London to New York City, we have value and luxury listings alike.

Vuepeer has also expanded our offering to include experiences. With over 30,000 experiences to search from 4 of the top providers, travelers can book anything including personal chefs for amazing at-home culinary experiences, top-class tours, and In Focus travels that pairs travel and humanitarian work in a highly beneficial way.

Apart from our search, we want to create curated travel content that you our user and other travelers find entertaining and helpful. We talk about everything from travel trends, to rentals and try to make it all relevant to you. To achieve this goal we include interviews, stories, advice, comparisons, top lists and opinion pieces in our blog. We are actively soliciting new writers, travelers, and hosts to contribute in anyway to add our community. So help yourself out, help others out, give us honest feedback so we can provide you and the community with more value every day.


We make it easy for you to travel peer to peer by helping you search listings from across multiple websites.

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